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Wildcraft Party

Our hugely popular Wildcraft Adventure™ days also make for an awesome and totally unique birthday party for the video game obsessed child in your life.

We’ve taken kids’ favourite video games like Minecraft and transformed them into an outdoor adventure that they’ll never forget.

In our unique outdoor game kids work and play together to learn woodland survival skills and earn points along the way. Just like in their favourite video games, kids will be set a number of challenges, and all the while be building their dens before ‘night’ falls and the monsters wake up!


Want to see a Wildcraft event in action? Watch our short video.

Activities Include:

Activities include:

Video Game Themed Scavenger Hunts

Den Building


Campfire Cooking

Monster Attack!

Our staff are trained and experienced at tutoring children through such skills and will cater each activity to suit the child’s age and experience as appropriate. Your child’s safety is our primary concern.

Wildcraft parties are best suited to children aged 6 – 12 years. Children don’t have to be Minecraft experts in order to enjoy the activities, we explain all the rules of our game at the start of the party.

What WE Bring to the Party

Our Wildcraft Party includes a choice of either marshmallows or toffee apple slices (vegan friendly option) to cook up over the campfire.

As much tea and coffee as you can drink from our campfire kettle. Fruit squash for kids. On cold days hot chocolate is available for kids also.

All parties include our experienced Outdoor Activity Leader(s), crackling campfire circle, free parking and access to proper toilets. In case of wet weather, each of our venues, also have an indoor space that can be used for hosting the party food after the woodland activities are finished.

We will send you printable templates for personalised party invitations and also a Welcome Pack to send out to parents so they have everything they need to know before the big day.

Wildcraft Party

What YOU Bring to the Party

We don’t provide the birthday cake or party food, so if you want to include this, please bring it with you. For the party food you can bring packed lunch bags, a cold buffet or you can cook something up over our campfire.

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Super knowledgeable, down to earth and all round awesome! I always learn so much from these guys, whether it’s attending their home-ed forest school sessions with the kids, or one of their adult events which are fab! I can highly recommend their mindfulness and bushcraft days ? Spend a day outside, reconnect with nature, re-energise… you won’t be disappointed!

Shelly Shambrook

mindfulness and bushcraft
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