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Our Mission

We provide quality learning programmes delivered by experienced leaders.

We are passionate and enthusiastic about reconnecting people with the natural world through bushcraft, outdoor education, forest school and nature-based mindfulness.

The teachings of the Woodland Classroom rekindle something that’s already within all of us, but has been forgotten. We believe that nature is the best healer and also the wisest teacher.

Our mission is to be champions for…

  1. Reawakening ancient skills and nature knowledge through quality mentoring.
  2. Harnessing nature as a catalyst for reducing stress and improving mental health & wellbeing.
  3. Inspiring the young people of today to become the future caretakers of the Earth.
  4. Rebuilding nature connection in people of all ages and backgrounds.
  5. Enabling others to become advocates for nature connection and outdoor learning.
  6. Learning to live sustainably with our environment for a greener future.
Our Mission

Within our team we encourage a culture of authenticity, so that our employees practise what they preach. Our team own their knowledge and therefore our customers can trust that we come from a place of integrity and personal experience.

Our community of customers is made up of people of all ages who share a love of nature and thrive on their connection to it. Young people, families and adult learners are ready to discover their own strengths and confidence through a greater connection to self, each other, their ancestors and the natural world.

We donate a portion of our profits to charities that are fighting climate change and we work in partnership with organisations that protect our planet.

Our Mission
Our Mission

We are proud to be based in Wales and we serve our community by providing opportunities for celebrating nature and it’s seasons. We also strive to support other small, local businesses wherever possible.

Within our company we value a healthy, creative work environment. We respect diversity, fairness, personal & professional growth and creativity in the workplace. The Woodland Classroom is a happy place to go to work.

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