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Our Patrons

Our work is supported by our awesome Patrons

Our work is supported by a fabulous community of people, our Tribe, on Patreon. With their help we’ve been able to produce videos on our YouTube channel to spread the message of nature connection to people all over the planet.

And in return we give them lots of good stuff every month. If you’d like to find out more about how to join our Tribe and all the great benefits and exclusive content you’d receive in return, simply follow this link.

Below are the names of all our lovely Patrons who are a special part of the Woodland Classroom team. Thanks you so much for all your support.


Chris Grice, Lesley Stevens, Sarah Parker, Caroline Cook and Timothy Hill.


Belinda Ayres, Cathy Thornton, Cheryl Miller, Emma Birkenshaw, Gail Williams, Gemma Turner, James Dunlop, Julia Edge, Kate Dowling, Lauria Durand, Lianne Lees, Maria Wiblin-Moreno, Mila Banach, Miriam Johnston, Roy Denton, Sally Hamlett, Serin Terzi, Sharon Appleby, Trevor Brewer.

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Barbara Enid James, Billy Hunt, Chris Saunders, Claire Lawton, Deni Pyke, Geraldine Gillian, Ian Honychurch, James Schindler-Ord, Jeremy Reed, John Hignett, Jude Fox, Julia Bridgwater, Karen Clarke, Leanne Batey, Melanie Marshall, Natalia J, Pippa Slater, Rhiannon Thomson, Ruth Kalitski, S Williams, Sharlene Greenhill, Victoria Hides.


Audra, Cal Brooks, Caroline Lytle, Cathy Baker, Celia Lewis, Charly Crump, Chris Cody, Claire de la Motte, Claire Maclaine, Diana Allen, Diana Mills, Diane Lear-Hargreaves, Donna Campbell, Elfin Bow, Emma Keeble, Enola Stevenson, Fiona Page, Frankie, Grant, Ian Foster, Jean Kessler, Jen Walsh, Jeremy Herrtage, Jo Ashberry, Jo Priede, Joan Ball, Joanne Atkins, Juls Sims, Kate Howell, Kathryn Blythe, Kathryn Walsh, Linda and Lee Welsh, Lisa Winder, Runt (Hero of the Dune Sea), Lynda Syed, Lynne Mort, Maria Pozo, Michele Stones, Michelle Platts, Neisha Betts, Patrick Moore, Paul Arnesen, Paula Selby, Richard Cutts, Rooted Wings, Rosalind Atkins, Sarah Wragg, Sarena D and Sharon Emery, Shelly Shambrook, Simon Massie, Sue Allen, Tracy Kirnig, Tristan Tonks, Vic Rupsin, Yvonne Arundel and Yvonne West.

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Our Patrons support our ongoing mission:

  1. Reawakening ancient skills and nature knowledge through quality mentoring.
  2. Harnessing nature as a catalyst for reducing stress and improving mental health & wellbeing.
  3. Inspiring the young people of today to become the future caretakers of the Earth.
  4. Rebuilding nature connection in people of all ages and backgrounds.
  5. Enabling others to become advocates for nature connection and outdoor learning.
  6. Learning to live sustainably with our environment for a greener future.
Our Mission
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