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Mindfulness & Bushcraft

At Woodland Classroom, we host a unique programme of courses which combine Bushcraft with Mindfulness and our course participants have seen how these two disciplines make perfect partners.

Whether you’re new to the world of foraging and wild food or you already have a basic understanding and want to take your skills further, then our courses will have something to offer you.

We believe that positive mental and physical health can be achieved through the art of Bushcraft and being mindful in nature. Here we are doing two very simple things; we are honouring our inner hunter-gatherer and living in the present moment.

Practising Bushcraft doesn’t have to mean taking on extreme survival skills, pushing yourself to the edge of your endurance or eating up a dish of witchetty grubs. Rather, our Mindfulness & Bushcraft courses are focused on slowing down, tuning into nature, connecting with our ancient past and being present in our natural environment. Through Bushcraft skills such as tracking, woodcarving, nature awareness and plant identification we can become extremely mindful and train our brain to leave the fast-paced, modern world behind even if just for a few hours. Practising Mindfulness and Bushcraft can lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle, enriched by nature, sharing time with like minds and learning some very old, new skills.

Meet James Kendall

With over 10 years experience working in the outdoors, James is our Head Bushcraft Instructor, certified through the Institute for Outdoor Learning. Lea is a qualified Mindfulness in a Woodland Setting Practitioner and also a practising Counsellor and Nature Therapist. This combination of skills and specialist experience has made them leaders in combining Mindfulness and Bushcraft.


Skills you will learn

Skills covered include:


Shelter building


Sharp tool use


Natural Cordage


Firelighting Skills


Tree & Plant identification


Hedgerow Foraging


Nature Connection


Hedgerow Medicine




Bird Language


Greenwood crafts


Meditation techniques

Activities on these courses are aimed at reducing stress, focusing the mind and increasing awareness & appreciation of the natural world. Practising bushcraft and taking time out for ourselves in nature is a vehicle to honouring our ancient, wild selves.

Our unique programme of adult courses is designed for:

  • Our unique programme of adult courses is designed for:
  • Newcomers to the world of mindfulness and bushcraft skills.
  • Anyone looking to learn how to tread more lightly on the land.
  • Anyone who’s struggled with traditional meditation techniques.
  • Anyone suffering from depression, stress or anxiety.
  • Outdoor Activity Leaders who want to bring mindfulness techniques into their practical teaching sessions.
Mindfulness Bushcraft

Thank you James for the brilliant Trees In Winter walk you did with the mindfulness in nature group on Saturday.

I found zoning in on the trees to work out what they are (even if i am still rubbish at it) really helpful in terms of getting into a mindful state of mind as it gives a focus that then can be expanded.

I suffer from GAD and although my meds make a huge difference (and i would never advocate people coming off anything, any more than i would advocate an insulin dependent person come of insulin), in terms of dealing with anxiety attacks and feeling generally better, It helps me get off the “thought carousel “. If only for a while. It seems to work better than some other techniques i stuggled with, due to difficulty in maintaining concentration, although lots of Lea’s visualisations work well too.

Plus it is awesome to investigate and know what is around you!

The Mindfulness in Nature Course has been superb and i have already learnt so much. For anyone who wants to explore this or just curious about the natural world, this couple offer the perfect balance of skills to give the best experience possible!

I an currently in a Park in Amsterdam before an important meeting and what am i doing? Identifying trees!

Thanks both , see you soon!

Maria Wiblin-Moreno

mindfulness in nature
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