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Key stage 1 & 2

We’re rewilding the school curriculum, to take more learning outdoors, getting kids away from their desks and into the woodland classroom.

Our sessions enrich and reinforce your classes learning and kids get hands-on with a range of nature-based topics sourced from the National Curriculum.

We offer a range of workshops that will link into and compliment your school’s programme of study. Our unique Wild Curriculum delivers outcomes identified in the National Curriculum through nature-based learning.

We know that nature is an inspiring, rich environment where deeper learning takes place. We encourage children to engage all their senses and through this direct experiential learning they are able to own their own knowledge. We mentor children to be independent learners who will ask questions and seek answers for themselves.

You can bring your class to one of our amazing outdoor venues, or if you have outdoor space in your school grounds then we might be able to bring our workshop to you.

Our Wild Curriculum workshops

Our Wild Curriculum workshops listed here are the most popular themes we deliver but if you would like a bespoke session to cover a topic not listed, then please get in touch and we can design something to suit your needs.

Prices start from £200.00

“Forest School is an inspirational process, that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees. Forest School is a specialised learning approach that sits within and complements the wider context of outdoor and woodland education. The ethos is shared by thousands of trained practitioners across the UK and beyond. Its roots reach back to early years pioneers in outdoor learning and across the sea to Scandinavia.”
Forest School Association

Forest School Association

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