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Wild detectives

Is your child obsessed with nature?

Do they collect creepy crawlies, pine cones or sticks? Perhaps they enjoy birdwatching or simply spending time getting stuck into anything wild in whatever way they can. Well, this event is made just for them.

Kids will join us for what will be an inspiring day of discovery into the wonders of the natural world. Our Outdoor Activity Leaders will lead children through a range of activities designed to appeal to their natural curiosity and spark their inner-naturalist. So grab your magnifying glass and become a Wild Detective.

We will be learning through play with plenty of nature based games which will get kids brains into gear and asking questions, whilst also having fun. We will be taking our discoveries back to the activity room for further investigation with microscopes, tweezers, field guides and a host of experiments.

Want to see some of what kids get up to during a Wild Detectives day? Just watch our short video.


Activities covered include:

Pond dipping

Go pond dipping and discover freshwater creatures of all shapes and sizes

Scavenger hunts

Guided scavenger hunts through the woods and parkland


Learning through play: nature games to inspire young minds

Worm Charming

Try out your ‘worm-charming’ skills

Pellet dissection

Dissect an owl pellet and see what it ate for dinner

Tree Guru

Become a tree guru: Identify native trees even when they’re missing their leaves!

Plaster casts

Make a plaster cast of a real animal track

Field guides

Dive into field guides and learn how to use them

Whose poo?

We’ll be playing the kids’ favourite “Whose Poo?” Investigating animal droppings

Free Play

Opportunities for free play in the woods to give enquiring minds a break

All activities are based around our Forest School shelter and surrounding woods. Children will make new friends and learn new skills whilst enjoying a fantastic day out in nature, all led by experienced activity leaders.

When you’re a Wild Detective, there’s always the exciting element of the unknown as you never know what you’re doing to discover when you’re exploring the undergrowth. Children will make new friends and learn new skills whilst enjoying a fantastic day out in nature, all led by experienced activity leaders. Wild Detectives days are suitable for children aged 6-12 years.

Wild Detectives usually runs from 10am – 4pm and we host a group of between 10 and 15 kids per session. Our staff are trained and experienced at tutoring children through the skills included in the programme and will cater each activity to suit the child’s age and experience as appropriate. Your child’s safety is our primary concern. We also allow plenty of scope in the day for those kids that want to play freely in the woods between activities – we know they love it.


Parents don’t usually stay with their children during our Wild Detectives events. If your child has additional needs that you feel would require a parent or guardian to stay with them for the day though, we would advise getting in touch with us in advance of making a booking and we’ll see what we can arrange. We aim to be as inclusive as we can.

We can also run this programme as a private school booking as it makes a great addition to the curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Upcoming Events

Take a look at our upcoming events to find a Wild Detectives event near you.

Super knowledgeable, down to earth and all round awesome! I always learn so much from these guys, whether it’s attending their home-ed forest school sessions with the kids, or one of their adult events which are fab! I can highly recommend their mindfulness and bushcraft days ? Spend a day outside, reconnect with nature, re-energise… you won’t be disappointed!

Shelly Shambrook

mindfulness and bushcraft
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