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Bushcraft skills

Picture the scene; you’re in an ancient woodland, sitting under a shelter that you built with you own hands, warming your body by a crackling campfire that you lit yourself whilst it cooks your evening meal using ingredients that you foraged from the hedgerow.

It doesn’t get much better than this and the sense of satisfaction and empowerment is huge!

Bushcraft is a set of skills that’s as old as humans themselves. Making fire, building shelter, foraging for food, using sharp tools and reading the landscape are all activities which we’ve been practising since prehistory. Bushcraft brings us closer to nature and to understanding ourselves.

At Woodland Classroom, we deliver our activity sessions to a high professional standard and we get great feedback from the clients we’ve worked with. We can lead on a wide range of inspirational and engaging bushcraft and woodland skills workshops to cater for all interests and abilities, giving your group the opportunity to experience the joy of outdoor living whilst connecting with nature through learning these traditional skills.

  • Bushcraft can be used for a range of positive goals:
  • Empowering young people
  • Engaging communities, bringing people together
  • Motivating teams to greater performance
  • Promoting mental health & wellbeing through nature connection
  • Delivering a memorable and unforgettable group experience

Practising bushcraft can be very empowering, especially for people who have never experienced it before, it has the potential to boost confidence and foster a positive mental attitude. Whatever your goal, we’d love to talk with you about how we can use bushcraft and woodland skills to engage your group.

Your Tutor: James Kendall

James is our Head Bushcraft Instructor, certified through the Institute for Outdoor Learning. He is also a qualified Forest School Leader, Social Forester and experienced Woodland Manager.

“My approach to teaching bushcraft has always been with an emphasis on steering my students toward fostering a deeper connection with nature through understanding the landscape around us. Bushcraft skills are an effective way to do this as we learn about using natural materials and how we can live with the land, whilst also connecting with our own ancient past by seeing the land through the eyes of our ancestors.”


Skills you will learn

James teaches bushcraft skills to groups from all walks of life and abilities. Skills covered include:


Fire by Friction


Shelter Building


Sharp tool use


Tree & Plant Identification


Natural Cordage


Fire-lighting Skills


Hedgerow Foraging


Natural Navigation


Traditional Leathercraft


Dutch oven


Campfire Cooking



Woven throughout all our sessions is the over-arching theme of Leave No Trace, which asks those of us who enjoy bushcraft to consider the short and long term impacts of our activities on the wildlife and habitats that we love, looking at ways we can reduce our footprint and tread more lightly on the land.


Having worked both in the field of environmental conservation for several years and as a former Manager of the 300 acre Long Wood Community Woodland in Mid Wales, James has a solid background in Countryside Skills & Woodland Management and now leads group sessions covering a range of practical rural skills including:

  • Woodland Management
  • Coppicing
  • Hazel Hurdle-Making
  • Living Willow Structures
  • Tree & Hedgerow Planting
  • Tree Felling with Hand Tools
  • Charcoal Making
  • Dry Stone Walling

We’ve seen time and time again the immense satisfaction groups get from getting stuck into these countryside skills, working together to achieve positive benefits for the environment and our natural heritage.

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James was knowledgeable, helpful and always boosting our self confidence. A high quality trainer.

Ryan Danvell

Outdoor Activity Leader
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