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Forest School

Forest School is an approach to learning which uses the natural environment as the children’s main teacher.

Throughout history people were learning about how the world works from the inspiring surroundings of nature long before we decided to sit everyone down in a classroom, hemmed in by four walls. So, it follows that education has now come full circle with the explosion of the Forest School movement. If you’re new to Forest School, watch our short video for an introduction to this natural evolution in outdoor learning…

Forest School is an approach to learning which uses the natural environment as the children’s main teacher. Whilst in the woods with us children foster a respect for nature and they develop an understanding of their natural environment through open enquiry and exploration. As Forest School Leaders we act as mentors and facilitators rather than teachers, ready to fan the sparks that come from child-led learning, with our own enthusiasm and passion for nature.

Our aim with Forest School is to encourage young people who are free-thinking, who ask questions and who are also pushing their boundaries, all at their own pace. When learners step out of their comfort zone that is where true growth occurs.

If you’ve experienced Forest School before then we hope you’ll agree it’s proven as an essential and inspiring accompaniment to any school curriculum. We also focus on a child-led approach to learning which is a powerful tool in raising the confidence and self-esteem of our young and impressionable people, but don’t let us convince you, let’s hear straight from the kids themselves…

Our Forest School Programmes

Although Forest School programmes are known mostly for engaging with Primary School aged children, it’s an approach to learning that has had great success with groups of older children and even adult learners too. It’s been seen time and time again that those who don’t respond to the traditional classroom environment thrive when brought to the Woodland Classroom.

Early Years

Early Years classes and Nursery/Meithrin groups.


Primary School

Childcare Students

Childcare Students seeking an introduction into Forest School.

High School

High School students seeking an alternative curriculum.


Teachers looking to incorporate Forest School into their setting.

Adult groups

Adult groups suffering from anxiety, stress or depression.

We can offer Forest School sessions to suit your school or group’s needs, from a one-off taster day to long term recurring programmes.

You can bring your class to one of our amazing woodland venues, or if you have outdoor space in your school grounds then we might be able to bring our workshop to you.

Prices start from £200.00


Sessions always begin and end around our central campfire circle, where the whole class are equal. It’s what happens in-between with a child-led approach that makes Forest School special. As mentors, we’re there to facilitate the learning that takes place in a safe and supportive environment. Activities could include:

  • Bushcraft: fire-lighting, den building, campfire cooking, safe tool use
  • Nature & Ecology; exploring habitats and the creatures that live there
  • Arts & Crafts; nature is an inspiration to artistic minds
  • Literacy; storytelling and creative writing
  • Numeracy; applying numbers to the real world
  • Performing Arts; the woods become a stage for sharing stories
  • Science; classroom theories can be tested in real settings

Of course, we always make time for children to free-play. We believe that this is an essential part of a child’s learning experience, building their social skills and increasing their emotional intelligence.

At Forest School learners are given the opportunity to find their edge. They have space to push their own boundaries, on their own terms; whether it’s to climb that tree one limb higher, to get truly comfortable handling creepy crawlies or to wholly let loose with creative expression.

Alongside all this learning there are the obvious benefits of physical exercise and fresh air that children get from playing in the woods.

Do we need to sell it to you anymore?


Woodland Classroom Ltd are proud to be members of Forest School Wales

“Forest School Wales is a voluntary organisation run by trained Forest School Leaders to support high quality Forest School provision across Wales. In addition to supporting Forest School Practitioners, FSW acts as a central voice for FS in Wales, providing representation for our membership, and information about Forest School in general. FSW promotes quality standards in all aspects of Forest School provision, and provides a link between Forest School practitioners, key organisations and potential client groups in Wales.”

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“Forest School is an inspirational process, that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees. Forest School is a specialised learning approach that sits within and complements the wider context of outdoor and woodland education. The ethos is shared by thousands of trained practitioners across the UK and beyond. Its roots reach back to early years pioneers in outdoor learning and across the sea to Scandinavia.”
Forest School Association

Forest School Association

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