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Mindfulness & Bushcraft

When it comes to the history of humans living on Earth, for 99.9% of our history we have been living side-by-side with nature, cooking over campfires, hunting & gathering and thriving in close-knit communities. Just think about that!

No wonder that so many people struggle with the pace of modern life in this industrialised, digital age that we find ourselves in. At Woodland Classroom, we believe that the antidote to the stress of modern living is through connection to nature and connection to self & each other.

We host a unique programme of workshops which combine bushcraft with mindfulness and our clients have seen how these two disciplines make perfect partners as positive mental and physical health can be achieved through the art of bushcraft and being more mindful in nature. Here we are doing two very simple things; we are honouring our inner hunter-gatherer and we are living in the present moment.

Our workshops inspire, relax and sharpen the minds of groups who attend. Join us around the campfire and experience a range of mindfulness techniques and practical bushcraft skills which you can then take forward into your own life. Our techniques can help to;

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower anxiety
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Improve problem solving abilities
  • Build confidence, community and cohesion

Our Mindfulness & Bushcraft sessions caught the attention of the BBC and they produced this short video naming what we do as ‘Caveman Therapy’. We have found that partnering mindfulness with bushcraft makes the practise of mindfulness more accessible to people, particularly for men.

With over 10 years experience working in the outdoors, James is our Head Bushcraft Instructor, certified through the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

Lea is a qualified Mindfulness in a Woodland Setting Practitioner and also a practising Counsellor and Nature Therapist. This combination of skills and specialist experience has made them leaders in combining Mindfulness and Bushcraft.

If you’re looking for an outdoor experience that offers activities which will appeal to everyone in your group, no matter their ability or confidence, then our combination of woodland bushcraft and nature-based mindfulness make the perfect match to fit your group’s needs. We can offer Mindfulness & Bushcraft as a one-off session or as a regular programme, to fit your needs and budget.

Activities can include:

  • Greenwood crafts
  • Awakening our five ‘animal senses’
  • Using traditional tools; knife, axe and froe
  • Breathing space meditation
  • Mindful fire-lighting techniques
  • Crafting your woodland getaway; shelter building skills
  • Native tree & wildflower identification
  • Discovering the seven principles of Mindfulness
  • Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku)
  • Foraging for wild food & medicine
  • Body scan meditations
  • Natural navigation techniques
  • Habitat Management; giving back to nature & wildlife
  • Fox walking; moving mindfully outdoors
  • Making herbal teas from wild plants
  • Reading the landscape

Skills you will learn

Skills covered include:


Shelter building


Sharp tool use


Natural Cordage


Firelighting Skills


Tree & Plant identification


Hedgerow Foraging


Nature Connection


Hedgerow Medicine




Bird Language


Greenwood crafts


Meditation techniques

Activities on these courses are aimed at reducing stress, focusing the mind and increasing awareness & appreciation of the natural world. Practising bushcraft and taking time out for ourselves in nature is a vehicle to honouring our ancient, wild selves.


Bushcraft is a way of reconnecting with our inner hunter-gatherers, slowing down, using our hands and senses to notice and deepen our understanding of the natural world around us. Bushcraft is a perfect vehicle into mindful activity and connection to nature as it awakens a very deep part of ourselves that still exists within our brain and its wiring. Practising bushcraft requires you to really notice your surroundings, be aware of the details and consider your place, story and impact in the wider landscape.

Through bushcraft skills such as tracking, woodcarving, nature awareness and plant identification we can become extremely mindful and train our brain to leave the fast-paced, modern world behind even if just for a few hours. Practising Mindfulness & Bushcraft can lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle, enriched by nature, sharing time with like minds and learning some very old, new skills.

woodland mindfulness & bushcraft in north wales

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