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Wildcraft Adventure


We’ve taken the best bits from kids favourite video games and transformed them into outdoor adventures that they’ll never forget. Watch our video below to find out what Wildcraft Adventure is all about…

Wildcraft Adventures™ are being run worldwide:

United States • Canada • United Kingdom • Spain • Australia • New Zealand

Wildcraft activity packages

We have Wildcraft activity packages to suit you, whether you’re a Professional Outdoor Activity Leader hosting groups of children or you’re a parent looking for the ultimate back garden adventure for your kids. So take your pick…

Perfect for birthday parties, Summer camps, activity centres, Forest schools & Scouting

When you buy a Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack. You’ll get downloadable resources ready to print and play, training videos, players guides, game tokens, basically everything you need to know so you can run Wildcraft Adventures™ for yourself.

Join a growing community

Join this growing community of activity leaders, teachers and parents worldwide who are running their own Wildcraft Adventures™ and having huge success getting kids off their screens and outdoors.

“For 8 to 12 year olds, the average time spent using screen media every day was 4 hours and 36 minutes.”  Common Sense Media Report, U.S. 2015

Kids love video games, we get it, but addiction to screen-time is a real issue for children these days. So, in the battle for their attention we need smart ways to entice them away from their digital devices. Wildcraft Adventure has been proven to not only get video-game obsesed kids outdoors but it gets them coming back again and again.

Feedback for Wildcraft has been amazing from both kids and their parents. In fact, it’s been 100% positive. But don’t take it from us, you can check out some of the testimonials Wildcraft received from happy parents…

“What a genius idea! Using themes from video games to tempt my son into outdoor activities I knew he would love.” Emily (happy parent)

“I haven’t seen my son (10 yrs old) so animated in a long time. He talked about his experience for two hours solid and now is designing his own ‘real minecraft’ in a book ready to go out in the woods to do it with his friends. I cannot recommend it enough, it’s back to when I was young and no video games existed, but it’s pure genius to use video games as a basis to start from, the children are already hooked before they even start! Brilliant!” Suki Morys (another happy parent)

“Ryan had a fabulous day. He got home and immediately wanted to build a den and a fire.  Before coming I had tried to get him to join in a forest school day but he said ‘it wasn’t his thing’. However ‘would you like to go on a Minecraft style bushcraft day?’ And he couldn’t sign up fast enough, he was so excited he couldn’t sleep the night before… Thank you.” Jacky John (very happy parent)


Wildcraft Adventure™ days have been hugely popular with kids, and parents love that it’s getting the video game generation out into the great outdoors. Just see what others outdoor activity professionals have told us…

“It has saved us so much lesson planning and resource time and it is something we will go back to using all year.” – Holly James, Kids GroWild, England

“Wildcraft is the BEST activity we’ve EVER found!” – Brenda Sutter, Laurel Tree Charter School, California.

“We are FULLY BOOKED for both our Wildcraft events!” – Helena Broadbent; Forest Explorers, England.

Wildcraft Adventure

“I have to say that this is inspiring! I have been endeavoring to incorporate more outdoor education activities into my classroom in the last few years. I just purchased your Wildcraft game…what a great idea. Thank-you for sharing your expertise and passions with the outside world.”

Susan Brown, School Teacher, Canada.


Wildcraft Adventures™ have been inspired by video games like Minecraft and Terraria which have been found to be hugely popular with kids who have learning differences… and due to popular demand we also created an ASD-Friendly version of Wildcraft is available with exclusive resources especially for children on the autistic spectrum.

“I have to say the ASD-friendly resources are flipping awesome! Great job, once again you’re an inspiration.” – James Dunlop, Wild Thyme Outdoors, England

asd friendly resources - level 2 adventure pack

ASD-Friendly game resources use a ‘social story’ to explain the rules to kids.


James & Lea Kendall are the owners of Woodland Classroom in the United Kingdom. Through their passion, enthusiasm and experience they help people connect with nature, feel healthier and have meaningful experiences through positive activity and creative play.

They are experienced outdoor educators with a background in bushcraft, forest school and nature therapy, who love what they do.

wildcraft mini game


You can get a taste for the world of Wildcraft with the Wildcraft Mini Game, an introductory and fast-paced version of the game which plays out in just 1-2- hours.

The Wildcraft Mini Game makes a perfect first step into this concept for anyone who wants to dip their toe in the water. The Mini Game boils down the best bits of Wildcraft Adventure™ to give you a simplified, more condensed game that is perfect for birthday parties, end of term class treats or adding into an existing summer activity programme.

And for a limited time only we’re offering the Mini Game for the special price of £17. That’s over 45% off the regular price of £37.

The Wildcraft Mini Game is also included in the Level 2 and Level 3 Wildcraft Adventure Packs.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to RELOAD THE OUTDOORS!



GROW highly recommend Woodland Classroom as trainers. Lea and James delivered a training day for GROW-Wellbeing CIC staff and volunteers, incorporating a tailored mindfulness and bushcraft programme. Both trainers generously shared their knowledge and skills with us throughout the day, engaging each participant to reach a deeper level of understanding of the areas covered. They are extremely professional, bringing all equipment required to our site, and have been great communicators during planning and on the day. We have no hesitation in recommending Woodland Classroom as trainers in mindfulness and bushcraft!

Duane Chong

Mindfulness and bushcraft
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