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Woodland Classroom deliver quality courses covering bushcraft skills, foraging & campfire cooking, wellbeing in the woods and nature-based mindfulness.

You will receive expert tuition from our instructors and will come away feeling educated, rejuvenated and inspired, itching to put your new skills into practise.

Our students are people who love being outdoors, immersed in nature, learning new skills, surrounded and supported by a like-minded community. They are people who are ready to take action to build their outdoor skillset and seek to deepen their connection with nature. If this sounds like you, then you’ve found your tribe. Welcome!

When you become a student of Woodland Classroom you will be immersed in the beautiful and diverse wooded landscapes of our fantastic outdoor venues including the National Trust’s Erddig & Chirk Castle estates in Wrexham, and the Hawarden Estate in Flintshire. These venues are perfect for escaping the rat race and giving yourself time to return to nature.

Thank you James for the brilliant Trees In Winter walk you did with the mindfulness in nature group on Saturday.

I found zoning in on the trees to work out what they are (even if i am still rubbish at it) really helpful in terms of getting into a mindful state of mind as it gives a focus that then can be expanded.

I suffer from GAD and although my meds make a huge difference (and i would never advocate people coming off anything, any more than i would advocate an insulin dependent person come of insulin), in terms of dealing with anxiety attacks and feeling generally better, It helps me get off the “thought carousel “. If only for a while. It seems to work better than some other techniques i stuggled with, due to difficulty in maintaining concentration, although lots of Lea’s visualisations work well too.

Plus it is awesome to investigate and know what is around you!

The Mindfulness in Nature Course has been superb and i have already learnt so much. For anyone who wants to explore this or just curious about the natural world, this couple offer the perfect balance of skills to give the best experience possible!

I an currently in a Park in Amsterdam before an important meeting and what am i doing? Identifying trees!

Thanks both , see you soon!

Maria Wiblin-Moreno

mindfulness in nature
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