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Wildcraft adventure pack level 2: Training & downloads


A very warm welcome to the world of Wildcraft Adventure™. By now you should have downloaded your Adventure Pack PDF from this website. If you missed that, send us an email and we can get another right out to you. On this page you’ll find all the training videos connected with the game. We have listed the videos in the order which we suggest you watch them, but feel free to skip ahead to anything that particularly interests you.

You also should have received a welcome email from James and Lea at Woodland Classroom which gives you access to the Wildcraft Leaders Support Group on facebook and also starts the ball rolling with arranging your 1hr Skype call with the game creators.

After the videos you’ll see links to download your media pack and official logos which you must use in connection with advertising and promoting your Wildcraft Adventure™ events.

Also below are the elements of the game exclusive to Level 2 which are not included in the standard Adventure Pack that you’ve already downloaded.

Don’t forget that by purchasing the Wildcraft Adventure Pack: Level 2 you now are able to run your own Wildcraft Adventure events at up to 5 different venues. This works great for small outdoor education companies or school consortiums who want to be able to expand the reach of their Wildcraft events to a wider audience.

If Wildcraft works out for you even better than you imagined and you want to take it further, don’t forget that you can upgrade to Level 3 which gives you the license to run these events at an unlimited number of venues – the world is your oyster. If you’d like to know more about that, then just get in touch with us to find out about the special upgrade offer price for Level 3.

VIDEO 1: Welcome to Wildcraft Adventure™

This video gives you a run down of the whole game, the basics of how it works and key rules.

A Note on Adapting the Game.

As you’ve seen in our Welcome Video we’re happy for you to adapt certain activities within the game to suit your ability and the abilities of your player group. However, the core of the game should remain as it is given. The game components, event description and official logos as provided in the Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack are to be used as is, and therefore cannot be altered, changed or rebranded. Please read the Media Pack for more information.

Anyone running the Wildcraft Adventure™ using these guidelines will have the backing and total support of us as the creators of the game and we hope you will value being part of this growing community.

VIDEO 2: Welcome to Level 2!

This video has been made exclusively for those who have purchased the Level 2 Adventure Pack and so explains the additional components that you have access to beyond the standard Level 1 Adventure Pack you have already downloaded.

VIDEO 3: Explaining the Game Components

In this video we talk through all the elements of the Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack which you have downloaded, and explain what each segment of the PDF is used for.

VIDEO 4: Explaining the Survival Guides

Here, we go through the player Survival Guides, to clarify exactly how they work within the game. We also discuss the Clan Bonus system.

VIDEO 5: Wildcraft Adventure™ – Prop Guide

This video talks you through the various props required to play the game. We give ideas for using recycled or ‘free to find’ items as well as what we use when running our own games. This accompanies the Game Resource Guide included in your Pack.

VIDEO 6: How To Use An Axe Safely With Kids

You may well already have a safe system of working when using an axe with children, but here’s how we teach it and we’ve had a lot of success using this method. You may find the advice given here useful for the wood-splitting element of your event.

VIDEO 7: Make Your Own Tinderbox

Here, we show you how we put together a simple fire-lighting kit made up of everyday, household items. This is the tinderbox kit we currently use in our own Wildcraft Adventure™ games.

VIDEO 8: How To Light a Fire Safely With Kids

This video will demonstrate how to use the tinderbox to build the basis of a safe and effective campfire.


Below are your ASD Friendly game components as seen in the video “Welcome to Level 2.” These have been specially designed with children on the autistic spctrum in mind.

As part of your Level 2: Adventure Pack you’ve also got a host of useful resources which will help you promote your own Wildcraft Adventure™ events. Our Media Pack includes the official template event description, tips for advertising through social media as well as important copyright disclaimers that you need to be aware of.

wildcraft mini game - product thumbnail

Included in Level 2 is our hugely popular Wildcraft Mini Game. This is a fast-paced, stripped down version of the main game which can be played out in 1-2 hours and works as a great trial session for a new group, or for a class group looking to fit a Wildcraft game in during school hours, or as a birthday party experience.

Wildcraft Mini Game – DOWNLOAD HERE

Official Promo Video

Included in your Level 2 Adventure Pack is use of the Official Promo Video which you can use you promote your own events via social media to your customers.

If you wish to embed the video on your website then we suggest using the embed code given below:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allow=”encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Official Promo Picture Gallery

We’ve created a series of six promotional images which you can use on your website or social media when advertising your Wildcraft events. Our gallery features two versions of each image, one which is optimised for the web and a higher resolution option.

Please note: These images must be used in their entirety and cannot be cropped or altered in anyway without prior approval from Woodland Classroom.

Click the image for full version

Click the image for full version

Click the image for full version

Click the image for full version

Click the image for full version

Wildcraft Adventure - characters

Click the image for full version

Official Social Media Templates

Both here at Woodland Classroom and in the wider Wildcraft community, we’ve had a lot of success promoting our own Wildcraft Adventure™ events via our social media channels. But getting your Facebook event images, Twitter posts and other pictures to appear just right can be a tricky business. So we’ve created a series of Official Social Media Template which you can use to promote your events. We hope they save you a lot of time.

To access the gallery of social media templates, simply follow THIS LINK

Official Logo Bundle

These official logos must be used when promoting your events. Just below we’ve given you three options of logo size depending on what you need. Simply right click on an image to save & download it to your device.

Wildcraft Adventure™ Logo (large – 1024 x 512)

Wildcraft Adventure™ Logo (medium – 750 x 375)

Wildcraft Adventure™ Logo (small – 400 x 200)

wildcraft adventure official logo - small

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