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Wildcraft Adventure Pack: Level 1 PDF

Wildcraft Adventure Pack: Level 1 PDF


Are you ready to get kids off their screens and back outdoors where they belong? Our Level 1: Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack gives you all the tools to run you own successful Wildcraft events, so that you can increase revenue, get repeat bookings and grow your customer audience. Prepare to “reload the outdoors!”

Are you ready to get kids off their screens and back outdoors where they belong? Our Level 1: Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack  gives you all the tools to run you own successful Wildcraft events, so that you can increase revenue, get repeat bookings and grow your customer audience. Prepare to “reload the outdoors!”

“Wildcraft has saved us so much lesson planning and resource time and it is something we will go back to using all year.”
Holly James, Kids GroWild, England


Outdoor Activity Leaders * Summer Camps * Outward Bound Centres

Scouting Groups * Forest School Leaders * State Park Events * School Teachers

Watch our video to find out why Wildcraft Adventure™ would be a great fit for your organisation and a hit with your customers.

“Wildcraft is the BEST activity we’ve EVER found!”
Brenda Sutter, Laurel Tree Charter School, California.


  • Commercial license to run your Wildcraft Adventure events at 1 venue as many times you like.
  • Wildcraft Adventure: Half Day Game (plays out over 3 hours)
  • Wildcraft Adventure: Full Day Game (plays out for 6 hours)
  • Exclusive Training Videos: Learn from the game creators
  • Game Rule Book: Your complete guide on how to play
  • Print & Play Resources: Team Player Guides, Score Cards, Game Tokens
  • ASD Friendly Player Guides: Game components specially designed to be used by children on the autistic spectrum
  • Game Masters Guide: Your quick-glance cheat sheet on how to play when you’re in the thick of it.
  • Game Rules Summary Sheet
  • Event Poster Template: Ready to Print
  • Media Pack: includes event marketing text, our social media marketing tips & official Wildcraft logo bundle to promote your events.
  • Membership of Wildcraft leaders Facebook group. Ongoing support & inspiration from our growing community
  • Your events listed on the Official Wildcraft Adventure Facebook page
  • Wildcraft Mini Game: An introductory & fast-paced version of the game which plays out in 1-2 hours. Perfect for short events like parties. Usually sold separately for £37.00
  • Everything you need to start playing
Wildcraft Adventure Pack preview

“Our day campers and parents have said it was the highlight of the summer! As a Camp Leader, I am always looking for ways to connect kids and the natural world. Some come to us already knowing that they love to being in nature, others don’t see themselves as the ‘outdoorsy’ type at all. With Wildcraft kids don’t have to fit into 1 catergory or the other; they can love video games AND love being outside. Wildcraft is a completely immersive experience that meets kids right where they are, giving them the handle of something familiar to hang onto and a little push to make new connections to each other and the world around them.” – Malia Brandt, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

In popular video games like Minecraft, Fortnite and Terraria, players have to survive in a hostile environment; build their own house, hunt for their food, search for materials and fend off wandering monsters. Wildcraft Adventures™ take all these best bits from kids’ favourite video games and transform them into a unforgettable outdoor experience. With the Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack you’ll get everything you need to host your own events and help kids reconnect with their love of the outdoors.

“We are FULLY BOOKED for both our Wildcraft events!” – Helena Broadbent; Forest Explorers, England.

Running Wildcraft Adventure™ events is also a proven way to target a new audience, further your reach, increase your income and boost your organisation’s success. If you’re wondering how quickly you can get back your investment after purchasing the Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack then you can use our simple Income Calculator below which will help you calculate your potential earnings.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Wildcraft Income Calculator

Increased income

One lesson plan resulting in hundred of ticket sales and group bookings

Repeat bookings

Parents bringing their kids back again and again and also booking onto your other programmes

New Audiences

Kids addicted to video games choose to unplug and come on this outdoor activity day


Purchasing this product allows the buyer to run their own Wildcraft Adventure™ events at a single venue, as many times as they like. But if you, like us, can see that Wildcraft is going to be a huge hit with kids then you might want the option to roll out Wildcraft Adventures™ at mulitple venues and reach a bigger audience. If so, then the Level 2 Adventure Pack is the right product for you.

“Wildcraft Adventure is a great way to get children away from the screen and in to the natural environment. The children were fully immersed in the game… They loved every minute of it! Jackie Meager, OutLET Play Resource, Scotland


“We’re really excited about the Wildcraft Adventure… I was really inspired by what you guys are doing.   We’re looking for ways to get our kids out of the classroom, playing together.  Your game gives us the perfect vehicle for mixed-age, cooperative, outdoor fun.” Brenda Sutter – Laurel Tree Charter School, California US.

“Our children had a wonderful day at Wildcraft. In the words of my eldest ‘O M G that was the best-est day EVER!’ A brilliant active day outdoors, what more do growing kids need? Thank you… would definitely do it again.” Happy Parent

“Wow! What a full on, wild and adventurous day for our kids AND leaders in the woods. Learning new skills, making friends, exploring, building, crafting, cooking and getting muddy…THIS is what real gaming is all about!” Holly James, Kids GroWild, England

“That campfire smell on my son’s clothes brought home wonderful memories of having freedom of the great outdoors as a child. My son had a fabulous time… As an avid computer gamer, to spend all day outside living as a survivor was an amazing experience. The first thing my son told me as I collected him was that he would like to go again.” Another Happy Parent

“I have to say that this is inspiring! I have been endeavoring to incorporate more outdoor education activities into my classroom in the last few years. I just purchased your Wildcraft game…what a great idea. Thank-you for sharing your expertise and passions with the outside world.” Susan Brown, School Teacher, Canada.

“After having looked through my new Wildcraft Adventure Pack I have to say the ASD Friendly resources are flipping awesome! The picture versions are fantastic! Not just friendly for those on the autistic spectrum it would seem. Seriously though great job, once again you’re an inspiration.” James Dunlop, Wild Thyme Outdoors

“My son had a fabulous day. He got home and immediately wanted to build a den and a fire. Before coming I had tried to get him to join in a forest school day but he said ‘it wasn’t his thing’. However ‘would you like to go on a Minecraft style bushcraft day?’ And he couldn’t sign up fast enough, he was so excited he couldn’t sleep the night before and it certainly didn’t disappoint on the day. Thank you.” Another Happy Parent

What are you waiting for? Get ready to RELOAD THE OUTDOORS!

Please note: The Wildcraft Adventure™ Pack is currently not available to individuals and organisations wishing to run events in Wales.

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to comply with our Terms & Conditions. Please be sure to read these before purchasing.



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