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Spring Wild Food Recipe eBook

Grab your copy of our Spring Wild Food Recipe eBook. This includes 29 mouth-watering ideas for using foraged foods to rewild your dinner plate.

This ebook accompanies our Spring Wild Food Workshops. These online courses are available to watch on our YouTube channel. Thanks to all the contributions from our special guest speakers and workshop attendees who submitted recipes to be included. To download your eBook, simply click on the image below.

If you want to continue your foraging journey with some face-to-face learning, consider booking onto one of our upcoming courses. There’s more details on what we have coming up at the bottom of this page.

spring wild food recipe book
Download your ebook by clicking on the image. Happy foraging!

We love campfire cooking

We love campfire cooking; the smell of woodsmoke, the crackle of flames and the anticipation of a hot, tasty meal after a day outdoors. Our courses cover using wilderness cookery techniques including Dutch Oven cooking. You will discover the secrets of these backwoods ovens to cook up a variety of delicious meals from freshly baked breads, to bubbling pot roasts, to scrummy desserts.


If you’re an Event Organiser then we can bring our Foraging Workshops and Wild Cooking Demonstrations to your event as part of an exciting programme of activities. We have hosted our popular workshops at Food Festivals, County Fairs and Music Festivals. For more information on this, hop over to our Festival Workshops page by clicking the button below.

Thank you James for the brilliant Trees In Winter walk you did with the mindfulness in nature group on Saturday.

I found zoning in on the trees to work out what they are (even if i am still rubbish at it) really helpful in terms of getting into a mindful state of mind as it gives a focus that then can be expanded.

I suffer from GAD and although my meds make a huge difference (and i would never advocate people coming off anything, any more than i would advocate an insulin dependent person come of insulin), in terms of dealing with anxiety attacks and feeling generally better, It helps me get off the “thought carousel “. If only for a while. It seems to work better than some other techniques i stuggled with, due to difficulty in maintaining concentration, although lots of Lea’s visualisations work well too.

Plus it is awesome to investigate and know what is around you!

The Mindfulness in Nature Course has been superb and i have already learnt so much. For anyone who wants to explore this or just curious about the natural world, this couple offer the perfect balance of skills to give the best experience possible!

I an currently in a Park in Amsterdam before an important meeting and what am i doing? Identifying trees!

Thanks both , see you soon!

Maria Wiblin-Moreno

mindfulness in nature
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