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Wildcraft for Families


So many parents ask us “how can we get our kids away from their screens and get them excited again to enjoy the great outdoors?” Here’s our solution…

Wildcraft takes the best bits from kids’ favourite video games and transforms them into an outdoor adventure that they will never forget. this has been a huge hit with kids at outdoor activity centres world-wide.

Now the adventure is available for parents to run for their own kids with Wildcraft: Home Edition.

“What a genius idea! Using themes from video games to tempt my son into outdoor activities I knew he would love.” Emily (happy parent)

Wildcraft Adventures™ are spreading across the globe. With our games being run by happy families in all these countries:

United States • Canada • United Kingdom • Spain • Australia • New Zealand

Check out our short video below to dive into the world of Wildcraft Adventure™

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Kids love video games, we get it, but addiction to screen-time is a real issue for children these days. So parents have got to come up with smarter and smarter ways to combat the ever increasing creep in screen time. With Wildcraft: Home Edition, we’ve done all that thinking for you. All you have to do is print and play.

Wildcraft: Home Edition is not for commercial use, it is intended for private use only. If you are an Organisation seeking to run Wildcraft Adventure events through your business then you must purchase the Wildcraft Adventure Packs found here.


Feedback has been amazing from both kids and their parents. In fact, it’s been 100% positive. But don’t take it from us, you can check out some of the testimonials Wildcraft Adventure™ received from happy parents…

“My kids are obsessed with Minecraft and Fortnite, they’re on their Xbox all the time! I bought Wildcraft for my eldest’s birthday party, I knew he’d love it. I printed off the pack, watched the video and grabbed props from around the house to play the game. They loved it, going wild in the back garden and getting their imaginations fired up. Parents told me it was a great idea. Thank you!”

Laura Stevens

“I haven’t seen my son (10 yrs old) so animated in a long time. He talked about his experience for two hours solid and now is designing his own ‘real minecraft’ in a book ready to go out in the woods to do it with his friends. I cannot recommend it enough, it’s back to when I was young and no video games existed, but it’s pure genius to use video games as a basis to start from, the children are already hooked before they even start! Brilliant!”

Suki Morys

“Ryan had a fabulous day. He got home and immediately wanted to build a den and a fire.  Before coming I had tried to get him to join in a forest school day but he said ‘it wasn’t his thing’. However ‘would you like to go on a Minecraft style bushcraft day?’ And he couldn’t sign up fast enough, he was so excited he couldn’t sleep the night before… Thank you.”

Jacky John

“My son’s Wildcraft birthday party was brilliant, all the children and parents loved it… such a great way of capturing the kids imaginations.”

Samantha Andrews

“What an amazing experience for my son. Like many parents I worry about the time he spends on electronic games and the fact that I have to beg and bribe to get him outdoors. Not so with this genius idea to use popular computer games to tempt him into activities that I knew he would love if he would only give them a chance. When asked if he wanted to go again, my son’s reply was “no, Mum. I HAVE to go again.”

Emily Carne

“Each one of the 13 invited children said it was the best party they had ever been to. It was so much fun from beginning to end… nobody wanted to leave the party. I highly recommend this as a fantastic party option and my son has said he wants the same again for next year.”

Olga Greyling

“We had a fantastic 5th Birthday party. All the boys had a fabulous time, den building, stick whittling,  and toasting marshmallows. I would highly recommend.”

Lindsey Rudd

“My two had a great time at their Wildcraft day, so nice to see them turning off the video game and getting some fresh air and fun! Great, great day, they would go again in a heartbeat!”

Laura Murphy

“My boys, Ethan (8) and Elliot (7) both had an amazing time at their Wildcraft party. They are still talking about it

“Liam had a wonderful time at Wildcraft. Asked on a scale of 1 – 10 and he replied 100!!!!”

Jackie Burt

Hugely popular with kids

Our Wildcraft Adventure™ days have been hugely popular with kids, and parents love that it’s getting the video game generation out into the great outdoors. So we’re very excited to be making this new Home Edition of the game available to families across the globe.

In our Wildcraft Adventure™ games kids get immersed in an experience that has many themes they’ll recognize from the video-gaming world but at the same time gives them a whole new challenge as they use teamwork, problem-solving and their imaginations to beat the trials they’ll face along the way.

You don’t need to be an outdoors expert to run this, that’s the beauty of it. With a little enthusiasm and a dash of creativity, any parent can be confident they can run all the activities included in the game. Your kids will probably even help you.


Wildcraft Adventures™ have been inspired by video games like Minecraft and Terraria which have been found to be hugely popular with kids who have learning differences… and due to popular demand we also created an ASD-Friendly version of Wildcraft is available with exclusive resources especially for children on the autistic spectrum.

“I have to say the ASD-friendly resources are flipping awesome! Great job, once again you’re an inspiration.” – James Dunlop, Wild Thyme Outdoors, England

asd friendly resources - level 2 adventure pack

ASD-Friendly game resources use a ‘social story’ to explain the rules to kids.


James & Lea Kendall are the owners of Woodland Classroom in the United Kingdom. Through their passion, enthusiasm and experience they help people connect with nature, feel healthier and have meaningful experiences through positive activity and creative play.

They are experienced outdoor educators with a background in bushcraft, forest school and nature therapy, who love what they do.

James and Lea Kendall from Woodland Classroom

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to RELOAD THE OUTDOORS!



Super knowledgeable, down to earth and all round awesome! I always learn so much from these guys, whether it’s attending their home-ed forest school sessions with the kids, or one of their adult events which are fab! I can highly recommend their mindfulness and bushcraft days ? Spend a day outside, reconnect with nature, re-energise… you won’t be disappointed!

Shelly Shambrook

mindfulness and bushcraft
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