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Elders Loot

Greetings Elder!

Thank you again for joining the tribe, we really appreciate your support. We hope to see you on the next live Tribe Talk session which happens every month.

Below you’ll find all your loot, which you can get your mitts on as part of your welcome package…

wild wellbeing booklet

Wild Wellbeing eBooklet

Your guide to 15 easy and effective activities to et your more closely connected with nature. You can print this off or simply keep it on your phone for when you’re out and about.



Family Campfire Cooking Recipe eBook

Discover 7 mouthwatering and easy ideas to cook up with your kids around the campfire. These recipes are tried and tested at out own Forest School sessions.


Wildcraft Mini Game

Wildcraft takes kids’ favourite video games and transforms them into an outdoor adventure that gets children off their screen and outdoors. This Mini Game edition of Wildcraft condenses the best bits of the game into a fast-paced hour long activity that you can use with your own kids, for a birthday party or with a larger school group. Have fun!


We also have created a special training video which accompanies the Wildcraft Mini Game so you can learn the ins and outs of how to play the game and get started quickly.



If you ever lose your copy of any of these downloads then just get in touch and we will send you another one, no problem.



We feature all our lovely patrons on our website, on their very own dedicated page, so we can tell the world about our wonderful tribe of supporters.

Check it out here and share it with your friends to let them know you’ve joined 🙂

James, Lea & baby Beren


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