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Forest School Taster

Finding nature’s treasures whilst exploring, identifying a strange creepy crawly, puzzling out how to climb that tree, wondering why the leaves fall in autumn, asking where the wind comes from.

Nature is an endless goldmine of inspiration for enquiring young minds and in the woods there are no walls to bounce off so children have space to be themselves.

Children can get creative in the mud kitchen, join a nature scavenger hunt, go hunting for minibeasts, relax in a tree hammock and join in with songs and stories around the crackling campfire.

For so many children, it’s not inside the classroom that they thrive but rather when they’re outdoors. Our Forest School Taster sessions are especially designed for Early Years classes as an introduction to the world of outdoor learning.

Forest School is an approach to learning which uses the natural environment as the children’s main teacher. Children foster a respect for nature and they develop an understanding of their natural environment through open enquiry and exploration. Our Forest School Leaders act as mentors and facilitators rather than teachers, ready to fan the sparks that come from child-led learning, with their own enthusiasm and passion for nature.

Our aim with Forest School is to encourage young people who are free-thinking, who ask questions and who are also pushing their boundaries, all at their own pace. When learners step out of their comfort zone that is where true growth occurs.

All activities are led by our experienced team of Forest School leaders and Bushcraft instructors. This is child-led play and experiential learning at it’s best!

If you’re new to Forest School, watch our short video for an introduction to this natural evolution in outdoor learning…

Children won’t even realise that they’re learning new skills, they’ll be having too much fun. Our Forest School Taster day is all about getting children engaged in the outdoors, exploring nature, playing and learning together. Warning; kids might get muddy!

Children will also learn:

Problem Solving

To enjoy solving problems and think creatively.

Overcome Challenges

To face and overcome challenges

Physical activity

To take part in physical activity

Social skills

Emotional intelligence and social skills during play and team activities.

Decision making

To take measured decisions and manage their own risk.

Environmental impact

To understand and consider the impact of their actions on their environment.

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You can be sure that our Wild Curriculum sessions link into the Four Purposes of Education For Children & Young People as set out in the new Welsh Curriculum. The curriculum aims for all children to be…

  • Ambitious and capable learners, who are ready to learn throughout their lives.
  • Enterprising and creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work.
  • Healthy and confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.
  • Ethical and informed citizens, who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.

We wholeheartedly believe that learning outdoors, surrounded by nature is an effective way to nurture these characteristics in our young people. We also believe it’s more powerful for a child to find an answer for themselves than for us to give it to them right away. So, we always encourage the children’s curiosity and allow plenty of opportunities for kids to ask lots of questions and explore the different possible answers. This approach of mentoring young people fosters enquiring, bright minds. Whilst the natural settings we teach in and the themes we cover work toward building their mental and emotional well-being by developing confidence, resilience and empathy.

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The hour workshop you delivered where you encouraged us to take off our shoes to ground ourselves, and take time to see and appreciate things in their natural environment has had a huge impact on my personal wellbeing. I left the session feeling calmer and more relaxed than I had in a long time. In the weeks that followed, I began to take off my shoes and walk slowly across the grass before and after school, and felt that it was enabling me to start the day in a better way.

The strategies you shared reminded me very much of my own childhood and the upbringing that I was fortunate enough to have. It reinforced how crucial these experiences are to share with the children we teach.

I am very much looking forward to developing outdoor learning experiences this year, and would like to thank you and James for the time you spent, and the many strategies and ideas you shared.

Thank you once again!

Siân Beynon

Teacher at Birchgrove Primary School
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