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Our Chosen Charity

We pledge to donate 1% of our annual profits to our chosen charity, Size of Wales.

At Woodland Classroom we are lucky enough to work every day amongst beautiful woodland and towering trees. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to reconnect with nature. If people learn to love nature and all the gifts it gives us, then they will want to protect it too. When it comes to the children we work with our goal is to help them become the future caretakers of the planet.

The truth is though that the world’s forests are under severe threat with a global climate emergency having been declared. Whilst woodlands in the UK receive a good amount of protection (relatively speaking) there are forests in developing countries that aren’t so lucky. So, we wanted to do more than just educate and inspire people in our work. We wanted to give something directly back to the places that our need out support the most… the rainforests, which are the lungs of this planet we call home.

So, we have partnered up with Size of Wales, a small charity (based in Cardiff) that protects endangered tropical forests across the globe.

Size of Wales have 3 key areas of work:

Reforestation and tree growing

With projects in East Africa and Borneo, providing livelihoods to local communities and ensuring increasing tree cover and the protecting the habitats of endangered species such as the Orangutan.

Educational outreach and awareness raising campaigns.

Size of Wales’ Education Programme has been a key element of the Size of Wales success story. Over the last two years they’ve visited over 200 schools across Wales, inspiring over 32,000 children to take positive action to help protect tropical forests. This extends to organisations and individuals across Wales, also encouraging us all to consider our lifestyles and switching to more planet-friendly behaviours.

Forest protection

Working closely with forest-dwelling communities, and often indigenous peoples in Africa and South America, who live in and depend upon the forests for their livelihoods and to support and conserve their way of life. These projects work to empower these communities in ways that enable them to protect these precious forests.

This means that for every ticket that is purchased for one of our courses, or for every group booking we receive, a portion of that money will go to the wonderful charitable work that Size of Wales continue to do.

“We are enormously grateful that Woodland Classroom will be donating 1% of its profits to Size of Wales each year. This funding will help us in our efforts to secure and restore tropical forests, as well as our work to educate future generations on climate change and the importance of trees and forests. To have the support of a Wales-based organisation that is also working with great enthusiasm to connect people with nature is fantastic. We hope that other organisations in Wales will follow Woodland Classroom’s lead and consider supporting our work in this way too.” – Elspeth Jones, Charity Director

You can find out more about Size of Wales great work by visiting their website.

Why We Chose to Support Size of Wales

“Having researched a few environmental charities that we could support, I was really impressed with the approach that Size of Wales take as they don’t simply buy up tracts of rainforest in the hope that they can protect them, but they empower and enable local communities to rebuild a sustainable relationship with their forests. They also support tree planting projects in areas where not only habitats can be restored but where it can make a difference to local livelihoods. Rainforests need to be relevant to people on the front line, not simply fenced off as nature reserves. Meanwhile, here in the UK, Size of Wales go into schools and get the message out to children that the threat to rainforests is real and show them how they can take positive action. All this combined gave me confidence in choosing Size of Wales as the charity we would support.” – James Kendall, Woodland Classroom

If you think you or your business would like to support Size of Wales great work then you can find out more about how to get involved right here.

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