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Bushcraft Roots

August 17 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

£20 – £75
bushcraft skills course in north wales

Our One-Day Bushcraft Skills Introductory Course.

Whether you’re new to bushcraft or a veteran of the outdoors, let our experienced instructors guide you through the core skill branches of bushcraft; shelter, fire, food and using edged tools. Our course is all set against the backdrop of the ancient woodland of the National Trust’s Chirk Castle estate.

This one-day course is a perfect introduction to the world of bushcraft for anyone who is new to these skills or for those who already enjoy the outdoors but want to take their connection with nature and their ancestors to a deeper level. We will teach you practical skills that you can use in the outdoors to thrive in the wilderness, whether your goal is to rewild your next family camping trip or you’re aiming for solo wilderness camping with just your backpack and a knife at your side.


On This Course You Will:

  • Build a weather-proof shelter from natural materials.
  • Create fire using modern and ancient methods, including fire by friction.
  • Learn how to identify key tree & plant species that can aid us in bushcraft.
  • Cook up and enjoy a delicious lunch over the campfire.
  • Improve your techniques in knife work, using safe but effective methods.
  • See the natural world through the eyes of our ancestors.
  • Improve your health & wellbeing by reconnecting with nature.

The course begins at 9.30am and wraps up at 4.30pm.

bushcraft and survival skills course in north wales

Your day will begin with arrival at our woodland basecamp set amongst ancient trees and wildflowers. From here we will take a short walk out into the woods to learn how to view the natural world through the eyes of someone who practises bushcraft.

Having each been issued with your own knife to use for the day, we will then look at the wealth of natural materials available to us and then put these materials to the test with a practical session of shelter building as your tutor guides you through the skills required to build a simple but effective shelter using all natural materials from the woodland itself.

Next we will gather around our new woodland home to practise further safe cutting techniques with our knives which can be used for a range of practical applications. We will also make time for looking at basic axe and saw use and learn how to make smart decisions about which living materials we should harvest and which we should consider passing by.

For lunch we will be cooking up a feast of fresh ingredients in a traditional dutch oven, sharing food together around the campfire as humans have done for thousands of generations.

Over the afternoon we will be focusing on creating fire. You will be introduced to a range of traditional and modern fire-lighting techniques including the ancient art of fire by friction. Your tutor will introduce you to natural sources of tinder and kindling that can be effective in all weathers.

Woven throughout the whole day is the over-arching theme of Leave No Trace, which asks those of us who enjoy to bushcraft to consider our short and long term impacts of our activities on the wildlife and habitats that we love. We will look at how we can reduce our footprint and tread more lightly on the land.

bushcraft and nature connection workshop in north wales

Remember, “The more you know, the less you need.” an old Aboriginal saying

Although this course includes a lot of what could be considered ‘survival skills’ this is not a ‘survival course.’ The aim here is give learners a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world through practising both ancient and modern bushcraft skills not so that we can learn to simply survive in the wild, but so that we can thrive, learning new skills and improving our mental health and wellbeing by spending quality time building our connection with nature.

Our campfire-cooked lunches are 100% vegetarian and 100% tasty. If you have any special dietary requirements be sure to get in touch with us before booking so that we can answer any questions you might have. Refreshments will be available throught the day at our basecamp.

Who Is This Course Aimed At

  • Newcomers to the world of bushcraft skills.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who want to bring bushcraft into their hobbies.
  • Outdoor Activity Leaders who want to improve their bushcraft skillset for teaching others.

This course is aimed at adults aged 18 or over. We can accept students as young as 16 years, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

bushcraft and woodland skills course in north wales

About Your Tutor

james kendall. bushcraft instructor in north wales

James Kendall is Bushcraft Instructor, Social Forester and Forest School Leader. He has been working in environmental conservation for over 10 years now. He started Woodland Classroom with his wife, Lea, in 2014. He received the Bushcraft Competency Certifiate awarded through the Institute for Outdoor Learning after 2 years of real experience and practical study. He was also the Project Manager for Long Wood Community Woodland, the largest community owned woodland in Wales, overseeing management of 300 acres (120ha) of broadleaf and conifer forest. He is a former Director of Llais y Goedwig, the voice of community woodlands in Wales. James has always had an affinity with woodland habitats, being at home amoungst the trees, and he has made it his mission to study under some of the UK leaders in bushcraft, greenwood crafts and sustainable woodland management including; Dave Watson (Woodland Survival Crafts), Ben Law (woodsman, author and eco-builder) Patrick Whitefield (permaculture teacher and author) and Mike Abbott (author and greenwood craftsman).

About the Venue

Chirk Castle has over 480 acres of estate parkland for you to explore, with wild ponies, sheep, veteran trees, and a beautifully preserved section of Offa’s Dyke. The estate is located within the Clwydian Range & Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has also been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest as an important habitat for rare invertebrates, bats, fungi, and wild flowers.

Chirk Castle is 7 miles south of Wrexham, easily accessible off the A5, close to the tourist destination of Llangollen.

Today the woodland is 70% oak trees, including some amazing and unique veteran trees many hundreds of years old. Chirk Castle is part of the Veteran Tree Initiative, helping to conserve veteran trees. Part of this is a 25 year tree planting scheme based on William Emes’s designs, where 1500 trees will be planted, replacing those trees which have been lost. The parkland today is managed by a team of just three National Trust Rangers, and a dedicated group of volunteers, who not only maintain the fences and landscape, plant and manage the trees, and protect the wildlife, but they also work with schools and local community groups to share their knowledge.

outdoor activities at chirk castle

You can find out more about everything the venue has to offer by visiting their website.


Tickets are £75 per adult for the day, which includes a cooked vegetarian lunch.

If you can’t afford the full amount right away but want to secure your place then you can purchase a Deposit Ticket for just £20. We can sort out paying the remaining balance at a later date nearer the course.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more. Phone James, 07876 794 098 or email us. Advance booking is essential. Tickets are available at the bottom of this page.



How Bushcraft Helps You Connect with your Ancient Self

In evolutionary terms our brains are very much still in the hunter-gatherer mode and have not yet caught up with the way we live in modern society. In the not-too-distant past we lived by hunting and foraging, living among forest plants & animals, spending time building our own shelters, living in close knit communities, using fire as a tool and using tools hand-made from resources that we found in nature. Today many of us live in a highly stressful environment, disconnected from the natural world, surrounded by outside stimulus and media, following routines that are extremely fast-paced. This gives the older (animal-instinct) parts of our brains the illusion that we are constantly in danger, meaning high levels of cortisol in our bodies that remain for longer than needed. This not a healthy way to live.

“Modern life can create great confusion and we can forget that humanity is an integral component in the natural world… when you enter one of the world’s great forests, you go in one side and you come out somewhere different. Sometimes, you go in and come out and you’re different.” Ray Mears

Bushcraft is a way of reconnecting with our inner hunter-gatherers, slowing down, using our hands and senses to notice and deepen our understanding of the natural world around us. Bushcraft is a perfect vehicle into mindful activity and connection to nature as it awakens a very deep part of ourselves that still exists within our brain and its wiring. Practising bushcraft requires you to really notice your surroundings, be aware of the details and consider your place, story and impact in the wider landscape.


August 17
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
£20 – £75
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